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Tiger560B USB VoIP processor by TigerJet

Driver installation eliminated

(all drivers are embedded in Windows)


TigerJet has developed the Tiger560B USB VoIP processor that enables the manufacture of both low cost USB phones and USB to RJ11 adapters that enable regular phones to be used to place and receive VoIP calls.

If you are interested in migrating an existing Tiger560 design to the Tiger560B and adding the Tiger560B features to your product, TigerJet has prepared a migration note.

Internet Phone - block diagram


The Tiger560B is compatible with the Microsoft USB audio driver and Windows HID, this enables the Tiger560B to use the Microsoft written and supported drivers that are embedded in Windows directly.

Glueless (no additional logic) support is included for; keypad, buzzer, LCD, EEPROM, on-hook / off-hook and regular phone interface (SLIC) these features can be implemented without the requirement for a driver to be installed by the user (no hassle for installation or upgrade).

A low cost 4x4 or 4x8 matrix keypad can be directly connected to the Tiger560B. Key presses are passed to the Internet telephony application. To enable the phone to ring a low cost buzzer is supported.

For applications that call for an LCD to display called number and phone status an LCD can be directly connected to the Tiger560B.

A low cost serial EEPROM can be used to hold a serial number.

For a USB to RJ11 adaptor which enables any regular phone to be used for placing Internet phone calls a SLIC (Subscriber Line Interface Chip) can be used to emulate a C.O. (Central Office). The SLIC used in the reference design is able to ring a regular phone and includes DTMF detection.

The world leading IP Phone Center telephony application is available to bundle with VoIP products that are based on the Tiger560B chip.

Reference schematics are available that enable OEMs to quickly bring to market a family of low cost high quality VoIP products. In addition the world leading IP Phone Center telephony application and SDK is available to manufacturers who are interested in manufacturing a complete hardware/software product

USB to RJ11 - block diagram

Key features;

  •   Built in glueless support for;

    •  Keypad, 4x8 or 8x8

    •  LCD

    •  Phone interface (SLIC)

    •  Ringer / Buzzer

  •   Driver installation eliminated, all drivers are embedded in Windows

    •  Driver installation hassles eliminated - best possible customer experience.

    •  Implements all of the required VoIP functions for Internet telephony.

  •   Fully integrated with IP Phone Center application

    •  PC to PC calls

    •  PC to gateway calls

  •   “Drop in” replacement for original Tiger560

  •   USB HID implementation

    •  Microsoft USB HID definition 1.1

    •  Windows USB Telephony

    •  Keypad support

    •  LCD interface

    •  Phone ringer/buzzer

    •  Serial number support

    •  USB suspend mode for power save

    •  Remote wakeup support

  •   Audio functions

    •  USB audio class device mode

    •  Uses Microsoft audio USB driver

    •  8 bit u-Law CODEC interface

    •  u-Law to PCM16 translation

    •  Record volume control

    •  Playback volume control

    •  Automatic audio mute

  •   PCM interface, support for;

    •   Silicon Labs Si3211 ProSLIC

    •   Winbond W681511audio codec

    •   Many popular codecs/SLICs

    •   Master/Slave operation

    •   TDM, IOM2, GCI

    •   Short and long frames

    • Multiple configuration options

  •   USB interface

    •   Full speed 12MBps USB node

    •   On chip USB transceiver

    •   Digital PLL for clocking

    •   Physical Layer Interface (PHY)

    •   Media access controller (MAC)

    •   Bus or self powered

    •   Suspend/resume supported

    •   USB specification 1.1 compliant

    •   On chip 3.3V regulator

  •   SPI uP interface Bus

    •   4-wire interface

    •   Byte serial data transfer

  •   USB descriptor tables

    •   Audio device class

    •   HID

  •   Peripheral Interface Bus (PIB)

    •   All popular peripheral chips

    •   Byte-wide data

    •   6 address lines

    •   22 general purpose control lines

    •   Read control signal

    •   Write control signal

    •   Reset control signal

  •   Device features

    •   Single 12MHz crystal oscillator

    •   5V operation

    •   Onboard 3.3V regulator

    •   100 pin PQFP/0.65mm lead pitch

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