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Tiger320 PCI 2.2 communications controller chip

General Description

The Tiger320 by TigerJet is a PCI communications controller that implements the PCI 2.2 specification (PCI SIG tested and certified). In addition it also implements the Power Management 1.1 specification. By implementing PCI 2.2 and PM 1.1 the Tiger320 meets the requirements of Microsoft WHQL and enables boards that use the Tiger320 to be eligible for the Microsoft Windows Logo (WHQL).

Applications that use the Tiger320 in high volume production today include software modems, ISDN terminal adaptors (modems), telephone interfaces (for VoIP). In addition the Tiger320 has been chosen for many other varied applications.

For interfacing to many popular communications chips such as DAAs, SLICs, ISDN AFEs etc., the Tiger320 has a TDM / IOM2 / GCI / PCM Highway serial interface. Data from the serial interface can be written to main system memory using PCI bus mastering. This enables data transfers to take place without CPU intervention. After a predetermined number of bytes has been transferred the Tiger320 can be programmed to generate an interrupt. 

The Peripheral Interface Bus (PIB) provides byte wide data, 4 address lines, 8 control lines (AUX pins), read, write and reset. The PIB is ideal for interfacing UARTs, hard modems and a wide range of peripheral chips that have address and data lines.

All 16 bits of the PCI subsystem vendor ID is programmable using resistors, this represents a significant cost saving over the EEPROM devices used by other products.

If you are interested in a PCI VoIP application using the Tiger320, please visit the web page for our PCI Internet phone reference design. For ISDN applications visit our web page for PCI ISDN reference designs.

Key features;

  •   PCI 2.2 (PCI SIG tested and approved)

  •   Power Management 1.1

  •   PC99

    •   Meets the requirements of WHQL

    •   Enables Windows Logo certification

  •   TDM / IOM2 / GCI / PCM Highway Industry standard serial bus

    •   Flexible with many configuration options

    •   Wide range of codecs/DAAs/SLIC etc. are supported

    •   32bit interface

  •   SLIC support

    •   Silicon Labs Si3210 

  •   ISDN AFEs supported

    •   Siemens ISAC for S/T ISDN

    •   Siemens IECQ for U ISDN

  •   Analog Modem Codecs supported

    •   Silicon Labs Si3021/Si3012 (US)

    •   Silicon Labs Si3021/Si3014 (Int.)

  •   Peripheral Interface Bus (PIB)

    •   Byte wide data

    •   4 address lines

    •   8 control lines (AUX)

    •   Read

    •   Write

    •   Reset

  •   Fully programmable PCI Subsystem ID

    •   Uses resistor pull-up/downs

    •   EEPROM is not required

  •   Class code options

    •   Network device

    •   Communications device

  •   Microsoft Windows Plug and Play drivers

    •   Plug and Play driver with application sample code available

  •   ISDN drivers (S/T and U interface versions)

    •   Windows95 (Windows Logo)

    •   Windows98 (Windows Logo)

    •   WindowsNT 4.0 (Windows Logo)

    •   Windows 2000 (signed)

  •   On-chip crystal oscillator

    •   Can be used for codec clocks

    •   Any external clock requirement

    •   Supports low cost crystal

    •   Not used by Tiger320 logic

  •   3.3V power supply

    •   Supports 5V and 3.3V signaling

  •   100 PQFP package

    •   0.65mm lead spacing

    •   Low cost

    •   Easy to handle

Development support

To help you rapidly bring your product to the market TigerJet has available;

Please contact marketing@tjnet.com for more information.